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We offer an integrated management of your problem, solving it and minimising the chances of its recurrence.

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Pest Control in Ibiza and Barcelona, Water, Air and much more

At Goldservice we are specialists in pest control in Ibiza and Barcelona, with offices in both cities. In addition, our team of professionals is highly qualified to carry out different tasks of water, air and food safety control. A group in constant training to apply the latest technologies to protect your health.


Pest control in Ibiza

We are specialists in pest control in Ibiza, acting with the utmost professionalism and discretion. At Goldservice we use the safest techniques, using biocides in the most professional way.


Water analysis

Water treatment and control are essential in our daily lives, both at home and at work. The cleaning and disinfection of sanitary water systems and tanks are included in our services.


Air quality control

We offer you our air quality control so that you can breathe clean air both at home and at work.


Food Security

At Goldservice we have a team of food safety experts, biology graduates, nutritionists and dieticians. We advise and implement systems that guarantee safe food.


Hygiene and sanitary products

We have an extensive catalogue of health and hygiene products, such as bacteriostatics, fragrances, soap dispensers or personal hygiene products.

Environmental Health Training

Our sector requires us to offer the highest quality. In this process, training is part of our job. We share our experience in Environmental Health Training with specialized courses.

Why choose us?


Goldservice is a company with a solid organization and resources to give reliable and efficient service on any day, at any hour. This allows us to work proficiently regardless of the volume of work we might have.


More than 20 years providing Environmental Health services is the best guarantee that we can provide our clients and is our corporate responsibility. Our size, human and social resources allow us to rapidly and efficiently do our work providing the maximum guarantees.


In addition to adhere to all the legal requirements, at Goldservice we know and take into consideration many other security measures. A health certificate doesn’t guarantee a safe and proper service simply by being certified. At Goldservice we don’t hide away at the moment of protecting humans and their surroundings. We take care of everything so that you, the client, assume the least risk possible with proficiency certificates and procedures that control any risk, big or small.

All in One

Goldservice is a company characterized for its versatility in understanding regulations to provide the correct sanitation services, consultation and doing services related to water, air, training and pest control covering all your needs in the home, restaurant, hotel, hospital, airport or stadium. It doesn’t matter the size; you can get it all at Goldservice.


We care about your image as much we care about our own. For this reason our employees, all professionals in their field, will always attend you maintaining a cordial and discrete relationship.  Discretion is a quality that has defined us in our sector since the very beginning of our existence, as we never park one of our vehicles in front of your establishment while identifying ourselves as doing pest control treatments.

Health over Price

The policy of Goldservice regarding the use of pesticides is to use those with the least toxicity possible that will also guarantee the best results. This way we don’t simply insure the safety of our clients but also to comply with our commitment to the conservation of the Environment.