Environmental Health Services


GoldService Information

Goldservice is a private company specializing in providing Environmental Health and Pest Control services.

It was founded in Ibiza in 1994 by its current Director using a particular philosophy based on sustainable but modest profits.

The company is currently situated as one of the companies with greatest potential at the national level, working day after day providing innovation and growth in the sector.

At the operational level, we find ourselves present in thousands of homes and other establishments providing all types of care looking after basic aspects of health, such as air, water, food and pest control. We also do our work in airports, hospitals, hotels and stadiums where a multitude of factors can come into play that make the work of our professionals very demanding and at the same time passionate.


More than 20 years with the same management team, acquiring knowledge and learning form errors

The company is neither big nor small. Good communication and predisposition enabled Goldservice to be quick and the first to arrive. Nobody will take us by surprise or find us unprepared.

Honesty, sincerity and respect are the three values that Goldservice has been known for since the day it was founded, which is something that out employees are recognised for day in and day out. Our ethical beliefs are much higher than our drive to make profits.

Food, water, Pest Control and training in one company with our own personnel with each sector integrated one into the other. You will save with us valuable time in coordination, communication, training and supervision.

With Goldservice you will always be attended by our staff with a smile and in the best predisposition to do the job in the way you would expect. It is the management’s biggest desire that our staff is motivated, dedicated and working within a pleasant working environment.