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Air Control in Barcelona 1Monitoring indoor air quality is one of the fundamental tools for disease and poisoning control, as well as the treatment of wastewater, drinking water, food safety, pest and vector control, and waste management. And now, it’s more important than ever, as the world is experiencing the pandemic caused by Coronavirus. When the air shows high levels of pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, ozone, particles (PM10 and PM2.5), or fungi, it poses a high health risk to the population, regardless of age. Industrial activity, synthetic materials for home protection, and vehicle emissions are the main sources of air pollutants. However, there’s also biological contamination caused by fungi, bacteria, and viruses that thrive in indoor spaces with high humidity or dirt. Our team of experts in Indoor Air Quality provides ventilation, filtration, air analysis, and disinfection solutions tailored to all types of facilities, such as the following examples:
  • Hospitals and healthcare centers
  • Educational institutions
  • Private clinics
  • Residential communities and private homes
  • Hospitality and tourism facilities
We have implemented strict quality standards that ensure our clients receive effective service while complying with the health requirements mandated by national and regional legislation:
  • UNE 171330-2:2014 for indoor air quality inspection procedures.
  • UNE 171340:2020 for validation and qualification procedures for controlled environment rooms in hospitals.
Call us for more information about Air Quality control, Covid-19 disinfections, duct and ventilation equipment cleaning, fungal treatments, and much more… we can advise you on any issues caused by a dirty environment.

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Goldservice offers a comprehensive service in environmental health and pest control in private homes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, airports and more. Count on us not only for pest control, but also for advice on analysis and treatment of water for the control of legionella, food and air, as well as training.


We take care that the image of your business does not have negative repercussions, always with the greatest discretion, both in the image of our technicians, as well as in our vehicles, even our name does not suggest that we are an exclusively pest control company.


We are committed to your health and the conservation of the environment, preserving at all times the fragile and precious ecosystem of Ibiza and Formentera that we respect so much. For this reason, our company has a strict policy on the use of biocidal products, choosing those with the least toxicity and at the same time with the best results, offering the best value for money.


In addition to complying with all legal requirements, we consider many more security measures. Only with the sanitary registration does not guarantee a safe service. For this reason, we have a team of qualified technicians in biocide services, biologists, chemists, technicians in environmental sciences, dietetics and nutrition, in addition we are subscribed to specific information channels to anticipate the regulatory changes that continuously occur in our sector, to guarantee to our clients that at all times we will be aware of the current regulations that are increasingly demanding.

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Goldservice has approved systems to offer air quality control in any type of room, be it industrial buildings, offices and homes. Discover all our services in our air quality section.



Water is necessary for life, but it is also a perfect transmitter of diseases that go directly to our body. It is also a perfect means of attraction for all kinds of pests. Some of them use the water for their reproduction, depositing their larvae. If you need more information, visit our water analysis service.



It is not only compliance with current regulations, food safety is usually quite responsible for most of the pests that occur in homes and businesses. Find out more about our food safety services.



At Goldservice we adjust to your needs, personalized varied courses to meet the needs of each client.

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