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Disinfections for the control of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Barcelona

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Goldservice has high quality, reliable and fast treatments for coronavirus disinfection

desinfección control coronavirus ibiza y formentera

Goldservice is the company chosen to carry out the disinfection of residences for the elderly, health centers, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, transport companies, communities, private homes, large institutions and sports centers such as Barcelona football club (FCB), due to the speed , efficacy and quality of our prevention and treatment services against Covid-19.

As a company registered in the Official Register of Establishment of Biocidal Services (ROESB) with number 0743-IBA and 7080-IBA, at Goldservice we are authorized to carry out disinfections against Covid-19, being able to certify them for the health authorities.

We execute disinfection techniques, following the recommendations of ANECPLA, the WHO and current UNE standards:

  • Referring to hospital critical rooms and their viricidal disinfection as well as sanitary material according to the UNE EN 14885 STANDARD.
  • Referring to virucidal disinfection for all types of non-hospital facilities according to the UNE 13697:2015 STANDARD.

Before carrying out a treatment, we assess the most appropriate type of disinfection technique for each case and establishment, thus achieving greater effectiveness. Informing you at all times of the actions and security measures to follow according to the treatment to be carried out, which may be by nebulization or spraying. We remind you that, currently, ozone or ultraviolet treatments are not accepted against Covid-19 by the health authorities.

Disinfection by spraying.

The liquid disinfectant in the form of a small drop is distributed evenly on the surfaces to be treated, allowing the activity of the home or establishment to be resumed normally within 30 minutes (without damaging fabrics or staining surfaces).

Disinfection by nebulization.

The liquid disinfectant in the form of a fine mist is distributed evenly over all surfaces and corners to be treated, likewise, it persists in the air for a period of time that allows purifying the general environment in case of microbiological contamination. For this reason, you cannot access the establishment or home before 3 hours (without damaging fabrics or staining surfaces).

100% biodegradable products are used.

We certify the treatment!

After each disinfection, the client will be provided with a certificate of treatment against Covid-19 to be able to show to the health authorities and to the public in their establishment.

For companies that care about providing safety and quality to their customers, we can offer them the Safe Establishment Certification against coronavirus (Covid-19).

certificado establecimiento seguro covid

All emergencies are solved the same day, for your peace of mind.

Trust GoldService for COVID-19 disinfection


GoldService specializes in disinfection services for restaurants, hotels, private properties, health centers and hospitals, airport facilities… We have a group of specialists in preventive and positive treatments.


At Goldservice we know that privacy is important to your business and to you. Our disinfection treatments are carried out with total discretion, thus taking care of the public image of our clients.


Our company has a strict policy on the use of biocides. We select products capable of offering the best results and, at the same time, that include less toxicity. All of them without affecting our excellent value for money.


Goldservice is registered in the ROESB Official Registry of Biocide Services. We know that it is not enough to comply with the legal requirements, therefore, we have other security measures designed to protect you, such as Accident Insurance.

GoldService: Disinfections for the control of Coronavirus

We carry out disinfections in any town in Barcelona. Personalized budget, without cost or commitment.

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