Food Security

We are what we eat. If we want to maintain good health we must give special attention to what we eat.

Experts in food security, biologists, nutritionists and dieticians apply their knowledge and training to our team, which has the basic objective of providing guidance and implementing systems to guarantee that we eat healthy food.

To do this, we provide all the services that the food industry might need, from filing your legal documentation to analysing and visiting your place of work to advise you, always with the highest level of confidence.

Of all the services we offer in Food Safety, we can briefly mention:

  • Development and Follow-up of HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points), which is necessary for guaranteeing that food remains safe in the food industry.
  • Analytic control of working surfaces, where food is prepared and that the handling of food is correct for the food industry.
  • Consultancy in Food Security.