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Cuéntanos tu problema de plagas en Ibiza o Formentera y, sea del tipo que sea, te daremos la mejor solución para controlarla al momento. ¡Olvídate hoy de las plagas!

Desinfección COVID-19 Ibiza y Formentera

Pest Control is very much allied with the use of professional pesticides. Whenever we need medication we automatically go to our doctor or pharmacist and for the environment it is exactly the same. It is the Pest Control specialist that prevents and corrects the variations and abnormalities in our environment and finding the best professional is important for your image and that of your clients.

At Goldservice, in addition to fulfilling all legal requirements, we have our own control system that guarantees an even higher level of confidence.

We normally use the least toxic pesticides possible in the smallest possible dosage. We search for the ideal product for each case and we have the capacity and appropriate systems for controlling pests in home or establishments with people sensitive to chemicals, ….. because your health comes first.

Confíe en GoldService para la desinfección por COVID-19


GoldService está especializada en servicios de desinfección para restaurantes, hoteles, inmuebles particulares, centros de salud y hospitales, instalaciones aeroportuarias… Contamos con un grupo de especialistas en tratamientos preventivos y por positivos.


En Goldservice sabemos que la privacidad es importante para su negocio y para usted. Nuestros tratamientos de desinfección se realizan con total discreción, cuidando así la imagen pública de nuestros clientes.


Nuestra empresa posee una estricta política en utilización de biocidas. Seleccionamos productos capaces de ofrecer los mejores resultados y, al mismo tiempo, que incluyan una menor toxicidad. Todo ellos sin afectar a nuestra excelente relación calidad-precio.


Goldservice está inscrita en el Registro Oficial de Servicios Biocidas ROESB. Sabemos que no es suficiente con cumplir los requisitos legales, por ello, contamos con otras medidas de seguridad pensadas para protegerte, como Seguro para accidentes.

The most common pests

Pests 1

American Cockroach

Plaga de cucaracha americanaPlaga de cucaracha americanaPlaga de cucaracha americana

Currently this is the most abundant urban pest.
This type of cockroach is a brownish red and measures up to 4 cm in length; the females and can live between 14 and 20 months. They generally live in humid areas with warm temperatures around 29ºC (basements, sewer systems, etc.   ). It sheds its shell several times over the course of its life and beginning with the fifth shedding of its shell takes on a coffee colour and reaches maturity after 8 to 15 shedding cycles.

German Cockroach

Plaga de cucaracha germanicaPlaga de cucaracha germanicaPlaga de cucaracha germanica

These insects measure approximately 1,3 to 1,6 cm and the adults are a toasted brown in colour.
They find themselves always in houses and buildings and hide in places that are narrow, humid and dark, where they usually wait for darkness to emerge.
The feed on food residuals left behind from human consumption and have a particular like for food rich in starch, such as potatoes, bread, flour and so on, which is why they are frequently found in areas where bread is stored.


Plaga de moscaPlaga de moscaPlaga de mosca

This insect can measure 5 to 8 cm in length. Their chest is grey, with four longitudinal lines on the back, the lower abdomen is yellow and their body is covered with hair and they have red eyes. They act as carriers of microorganisms and viruses and constitute one of the most prolific household pests.


Plaga de hormigasPlaga de hormigasPlaga de hormigas

This pest installs itself in the inner parts of buildings and feed on stored food products.

Flour Beetles

Gorgojo de la HarinaGorgojo de la HarinaGorgojo de la Harina

This insect is a beetle of 0,5cm and as an adult is the colour brownish red. They feed on stored food products, especially crushed grains such as cereals (wheat, barley, rice, corn…)


Plaga de carcomaPlaga de carcomaPlaga de carcoma

Woodworm is the common name given to the larvae of several species of beetles that penetrate wood (beams, furniture, panelling, etc.) in buildings and galleries. They can do tremendous damage producing a characteristic powder or sawdust
They can be detected when they feed from inside a wooden structure thanks to a scratching sound they make when eating.
This insect can cause severe damage to wood in construction and furniture, such as ceiling supports, posts, panels, flooring, frames, etc.

Grey Rat

Plaga de Rata GrisPlaga de Rata GrisPlaga de Rata Gris

These rodents are medium in size not exceeding 300g and 30cm plus a tail of similar length and usually live around water. In urban areas they feed on stored food or waste, but are also able to hunt insects and other organisms. They act as carriers of disease carrying microorganisms and viruses.

Black Rat

Plaag de rata negraPlaag de rata negraPlaag de rata negra

This rodent generally lives in non-urban areas. It feeds on fruits, roots, small mammals, insects and other materials. They also are predators to bird nests. They don’t eat the putrefied meat of other animals.

Common Mouse

Plaga de ratón comúnPlaga de ratón comúnPlaga de ratón común

This rodent measures between 15 and 20 cm and is grey in colour. They generally live in all types of habitat thanks to their tremendous ability to adapt. They feed on food residuals and insects.


Plagas de mosquitosPlagas de mosquitosPlagas de mosquitos

This is a flying insect found in all parts of the world. The females are bloodsucking (from blood of other animals) and as a result of that they are carriers of infectious diseases. Mosquitos have four stages of development in their lives: egg, larva, pupa and adult. They need water to complete each of their life cycles.

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Goldservice dispone de sistemas homologados para ofrecer un control de calidad del aire en cualquier tipo de estancia, ya sean naves industriales, oficinas y hogares. Descubra todos nuestros servicios en nuestra sección de calidad del aire.



El agua es necesaria para la vida, pero también un perfecto transmisor de enfermedades que van directamente a nuestro organismo. También es un medio de atracción perfecto para todo tipo de plagas. Algunas de ellas utilizan el agua para su reproducción, depositando sus larvas. Si necesita más información, visite nuestro servicio de análisis del agua.



No es solo el cumplimiento de la normativa vigente, la seguridad alimentaria suele ser bastante responsable de la mayor parte de plagas que ocurren en viviendas y comercios. Descubra más sobre nuestros servicios de seguridad alimentaria.



En Goldservice nos ajustamos a sus necesidades, cursos variados personalizados para cubrir las necesidades de cada cliente.

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