Environmental Health Services


Training is essential for personal development, professional and for any industry. Our objective is to transform the training experience into an opportunity for enjoyment and make it interesting. We have the advantage of being able to make the training experience economically more affordable by personalizing the training based on the needs of each client, kitchen, installation or person.

We send our consultants and trainers to the place of the client for specific training at the work place to clarify doubts or correct bad practices in a constructive manner.
We have specific agreements with training centres that give the possibility for subsidized training for workers and to cover other necessities.
The Training Centre at Goldservice has assistance and financial support for the benefit of those with minimal resources. Contact us for more information. We will treat your case with the highest level of confidentiality.

The Training Centre of Goldservice

The Training Centre of Goldservice:

Food handler of low risk food
Food handler of high risk food
Allergies and intolerances in food
Prevention of bedbugs in the tourist industry. Bedbugs Free
Analysis and diagnosis of wood in construction or restoration
Ebola and biological risks. Procedures in cleaning and disinfection
Ebola and biological risks for workers in the health industry
Safe Chef. Advanced level of food security