Water Control

At Goldservice, for good health, you can find everything that you need to continue enjoying this precious and important necessity. We can help you with the control and analysis of drinking water, treatment and prevention of Legionnaires’ disease, analytic control of bath water and also advise on water standards, quality, utility and sustainability.

Goldservice has at its disposition highly trained professionals with the latest information and innovations. No mater what your needs, if it has something to do with water, we will take care of it with pleasure.

In our primary services we specialize in:

  • Design and implementation of the prevention of Legionnaires’ disease.
  • Treatments for Cleaning and Disinfection of Water Deposits and Controlled Water Systems.
  • Design and follow-up of Self Control for swimming pools.
  • Analytic control of swimming pool water.
  • Analysis of all types of water (Water for health uses, Residual, Industrial…).

As with all our services, we can advise you in case you would like to do these services yourself or we can do it for you with our team of professionals.